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Rikki Drotar: The Artistic Process
November, 14, 2011. 21:41 PM

Rikki Drotar is a versatile and talented local artist living and working in the Phoenix metro area. Mrs. Drotar’s many talents include drawing, graphic design, animation and painting in various mediums including acrylic and watercolor. For many, the creative process remains covered in a veil of my

“Sí, se puede”: Occupy Phoenix Protesters Persist in César Chávez Plaza
November, 22, 2011. 07:40 AM

“Sí, se puede” roughly translates to “Yes it is possible!” The most famous quote from César Chávez, the inspirational civil rights activist from Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Chávez spirit carries on in the hearts and minds of those protesters who currently occupy the city park that shares his n

Bringing Home Baby: Raising Backyard Chickens
December, 18, 2011. 21:38 PM

By Michelle Lanier and Simon Reid Bringing home a new pet can be an exciting event in any household. But before introducing any new pet to the family, it is important to prepare for the new arrival. Using just a castoff doghouse and a few materials found on roadsides and desert trash heaps, anyone c

Arizona Centennial: Events and Travel Destinations
January, 9, 2012. 23:29 PM

Vector Artwork Image by Michelle Lanier February 12, 2012 marks the 100 th year of statehood for Arizona, the 48 th state to join the union. A number of events are planned in various cities throughout the rest of the year. The celebrations kick off with Arizona Best Fest , a showcase of the state’

Wild At Heart: Burrowing Owl Conservation in Arizona
January, 15, 2012. 21:22 PM

By Michelle Lanier and Simon Reid Burrowing owls, the only known owl to raise and rear its young underground, are unfortunately often killed as they are literally buried alive when construction crews break ground for new development projects. One Arizona based organization, Wild at Heart , is doing

FINAL CUT PRO X: Surfing the Timeline with Freestyle Editing
February, 12, 2012. 21:53 PM

Editing just got turned on its head with a new way for editors to interact with footage, modes and tracks in FCPX. Final Cut Pro X, Apple’s newest release of the popular non-linear editing (NLE) software, has lost much of its former luster thanks to a failed product launch that left important feat

Net Neutrality: Mobile Web’s Immunity to Neutrality
March, 5, 2012. 21:58 PM

With tablet sales set to exceed PC sales by 2015 , and smartphones already outpacing PC sales with predictions suggesting an annual rate of 1.5 billion units sold by 2016, it is important for savvy consumers to understand net neutrality and how it may impact the mobile web. International Networking

2012 Phoenix Film Festival
April, 2, 2012. 00:19 AM

The Phoenix Film Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to film education, appreciation, and production in the state of Arizona. 2012 marks the 12 th year of the Phoenix Film Festival, which is scheduled to be the biggest festival to date with over 150 films showing from March 29 th to Ap

Coachella 2012
April, 29, 2012. 20:25 PM

Music lovers from around the world flock to the Coachella valley just outside Palm Springs, California for the annual Coachella Art and Music Festival in mid April. The festival started with 2 days over 1 weekend in 1999 and has grown to 3 days over two weekends to accommodate the crowds of close to

Electronic Eavesdropping: Who is Tracking the Trackers of Cell Phone Data?
May, 6, 2012. 20:04 PM

Driving home from work you swing by the local coffee shop, then the gas station, and lastly by the bank to deposit a check. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened today, but if local police authorities were tracking your days travels via your cell phone provider’s tower logs, they would know a g

Press Passes for Bloggers: The Golden Ticket of Event Access
May, 22, 2012. 20:38 PM

Concert festivals are my happy place. For new media journalists, concert festivals provide a wealth of visual treasures to explore and capture. Over the years, I have attended numerous festivals, such as Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza. As a concertgoer, I had always coveted the unfettered acce

The Digital Media Revolution: Implications for Video Journalism
June, 4, 2012. 20:50 PM

In recent years, broadcast and print journalism have been transformed by a sweeping digital revolution that has affected almost all facets of media production, especially in the area of video. In the past, video journalism was the realm of major broadcast syndicates. Video was used primarily to conv